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VR is cool and is not associated with stigma or prejudice for wellbeing.

Clients feel safe in virtual safe spaces.

Become cutting-edge by embracing technologies people feel comfortable in.

do I use Anomie in Practice?

If this is their first time your client is using Anomie, they will require 10-15 min. for onboarding in the first session. All onboarding materials will be sent to you once you've created an account.


 If your client is already familiar with VR (they might even have a headset at home), it will take 5 min to onboard. 


A typical session can look like this:

10 min. check-in

20-30 min. using Anomie

10 min. check-in and sign out

do I need to use Anomie?

We're glad you're excited about this too! Think of Anomie like an upgrade of pen and paper.

Clients will feel fully immersed, safe and you can guide them through your facilitation and expertise. Prompt your client ie. draw a character that represents you using brush strokes and colours.

You will require:

- a Quest headset

- a computer with a mouse.

- wifi

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