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Do you store any data?

No. We do not collect any data or save any worlds or environments to protect client's safety and privacy.


All screenshots will be saved internally on local devices and not on the cloud.

Do you work with other VR headsets?

At the moment we only support the Meta Quest headsets 2,3 and pro.

This is because there are over 20 million Quest headsets that have been sold and it's relatively cheaper than other headsets. 

What browser does Anomie support?

Anomie was built to support all browsers but we reccomend using Microsoft Edge if possible.

Currently Anomie can only be accessed on a PC, Laptop or MAC Device. It is not available on Android or IOS devices.....yet

Can I create my own environments?

Currently Anomie is in Beta stage and doesn’t supporting the saving of worlds/environments. In the future you or your clients will be able to create and save a library of environments to return back to whenever you wish.

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